How it works

A reporter's journey

Something's up

It could be something serious that sticks with you. Or, it might be something else that leads you to have a great idea or suggestion.

Speak with confidence

Whatever is going on, Elker allows you to reach out anonymously via web or mobile app.

Choose your ally

Nominate someone to provide support, advice or action. Or let Elker guide you.


Using an encrypted messaging service you can learn about possible next steps and decide on a suitable outcome.

What happens on the receiving end?


Elker encrypts your data, only disclosing what the reporter allows to nominated contacts.


If a contact isn’t nominated, reports are directed to the person most informed to support you.


De-identified data is utilised to map trends and inform responses.

Who uses Elker?


Holistic reporting and case management


Clean and simple reporting pathways with case management

Peak Bodies

Improve member relationships and centralise feedback

Flexible features for reporting and management

Elker's modules and key features can be packaged to suit your requirements

Tell us anything

A simple and powerful channel for listening when people want to talk about the good, the bad or the ugly.

Report Together

Safety in numbers. Sometimes it's easier coming forward when you know you're not alone.


Follow up anonymously on the effectiveness of new changes and iniatives, or keep track of how reporters feel their matters are being managed.


A secure, compliant channel to capture disclosures, identify whether whistleblowing protections apply and manage them through their lifecycle.

Case Management

Equip your team with a lean and powerful tool to manage reports and feedback as they come into the system


Gain insight into all your reporting channels and identify trends for active response. Automated and custom analysis available.


Protecting your data

Our platform is built on trust.
We go beyond industry standards to ensure data is managed and protected using the highest possible security protocols.


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